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Art thou worthy of this Citroën?

Published: 29 November 2015
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In the early '50s Citroën were struggling to launch the new "VGD" project, which was to become the DS. In order to satisfy the clientele in their important higher market segment, they decided to equip the 15-Six cylinder with hydropneumatic suspension. Citroëns approach to selling this car was rather peculiar by today's standards: it was only to be sold to what they considered their best and most faithful customers. The Circular Note that announced this policy to the dealer network is still present in Citroën's archives.

Translations of the Circular Note








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Traction Avant Wings

Published: 24 January 2012
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11BL Wings 15-Six (1948) Wings 15-Six (1952) Wings Big-6 (1949) Wings

Some Traction Avants are equipped with wings. These cars are not meant to travel any faster than others, nor are they able to skip traffic jams. This article is about the wing ornaments we find on some 11 and 15-Six Traction Avant models. They all appear on the front grille, and for reasons explained below it is worth having a closer look at them.

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