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Published: 06 February 2017
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The headlights of a Traction sometimes cause a heacache. They fade or the reflectors become rusty.

It is nonsense that the lighting on a Traction should be poor. Even with original headlights with the classic French BA21D bulbs the lighting of a Traction should be easily adequate for driving in today's traffic. This does require everything to be in good order: the headlights themselves as well as the electric cabling and the connections. This time there was a good reason for me to be looking out for a pair of replacement headlamps for my 15-Hydraulique. One of the reflectors had developed a bad rust. I had a complete set of very good original stock reflectors, front glasses and chrome rims, but I was looking to combine the old and the new to have the best of two worlds: an original look and a perfect lighting. The attached article describes how I managed to achieve this.

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Published: 25 January 2016
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LED Turning Lights

LED blinker 3 x264 An article and four short videos of LED turning lights working in combination with the standard 18 watt light bulbs on a Traction Avant with a 6 volt system.


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