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Let's have fun with Citroëns!


Published: 02 March 2012
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Family Cars

47-erlgre 026In the late '40s, '50s and early '60s my father drove several Citroëns. Ther were all company cars which were traded in after a few years. My father was a keen photographer but taking pictures of his cars was something he rarely did.

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Published: 03 March 2012
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15-Six "Limousine" (1954)
In the mid-50's my father drove a 1954 Traction Avant 15-Six "Limousine". This was an extraordinary model of which only 20 were built by the Citroën Assembly Plant at Forest, Belgium. The model was not formally advertised by Citroën.

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Published: 04 March 2012
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Old Pictures

breestraat leiden-040Looking through my fater's archives I found a series of negatives with pictures of the Breestraat in Leiden, presumably taken around 1955. Some cars still have old provincial license plates.


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Published: 03 March 2012
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DS19 (1956)


The 23rd of December 1956 is a day I still remember. It was the last day before the X-mas break and we were doing games and having a good time in my Group at Primary School. We were to have the afternoon off. Around noon, a miracu


lous yellowish vehicle stopped in front of the school.

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