1952 Traction Avant 15-Six

The first Classic Citroën I bought in 1998 -and still own at the present day was a black Traction Avant 15-Six Berline. The serial number 720705 indicates that the body was probably produced around October of 1952, although the car was certainly not sold before May of 1953.


The car was not in a running oder when I bought it, and the process I went through to get it on the road was quite lengthy. It allowed me to learn a lot about the Traction Avant, the 6-cylinder model in particular. I made mistakes, some quite costly ones, but in the end it has left me with a reliable car that is very nice to drive. Since 2003 when I registered the car, some 50.000 km were put onto it -and in all those years it has never left me standing by the roadside. Naturally, ordinary maintenance and some additional repairs and improvements were carried out. A rule of thumb that has proven correct as well in the case of my second Traction Avant project, is that it takes about three seasons of regular driving before everything works and runs smoothly. This also relates to a freshly overhauled engine that takes about 5000 km to run in properly.


Please have a look at the pictures and the stories around the restoration of my black Traction Avant 15-Six.