Video - Easter Morning Tulip Fields Tour

Holland is the only place in the world where acres and acres of colourful daffodils, hyacinths and tulips can be seen during the early spring season. From my childhood in the mid-'50s I remeber making Sunday morning family tours around the tulip fields in my father's Traction Avant.

The narrow roads around rural villages like Lisse and Hillegom got stuck with cars even then. Now adays the tulip fields (bollenvelden in Dutch) and the famous "Keukenhof" flower park attract millions of tourists from all over the world, who are driven throuh the countryside by the coachload (see Holland in a day...!). Yet it is hard to believe that these fields are NOT there for the tourists! Growing and making them bloom is the only way in which the bulbs can be made to multiply themselves. For the growers multiplication, the colour and the strength of the flowers are what really matters. At the height of the blooming the colourful flower heads are brutally chopped off, which allows the multiplication process to take place. Early summer the bulbs are excavated and the young growth is separated from the original bulbs. In short, that what the flower bulb industry is about.